About Us

We are located in Southern California (San Diego Area). Our company started in 2019. We happily work with customers across the United States and around the world. 

The reason to choose a MyAquaFilter Reverse Osmosis system is the huge savings in time and money for you. For a family of four, the average savings of our system over store bought bottled water is up to $9000-1600. These are the actual costs our customers pay. That is not including the time and gas spent traveling to and from the store, all to purchase what you can now produce in your own home.

Your family will have access to unlimited pure fresh water for sports activities, gym workouts, traveling, and cooking. A single individual drinks a gallon of water each day on average. That can total over $1000 per year for a family of four. The costs are even higher for larger families. With a MyAquaFilter Reverse Osmosis system, you can cut your costs and save hours of time, all while drinking clean, healthy water right from your own faucet (kitchen and bathroom faucets, garden laundry hose , shower arm connection).

Our Countertop RO system is the same one used by 50%-60% of the top name water brands in their huge plants. Many of the big name companies are under no restrictions for where or how they bottle their water. That means your water could come from a location next to a dump site or in the middle of an industrial park. Don’t let the fancy labels fool you. You can get the same or better quality of water, all from your own home, in unlimited quantities, all for less than the top brands.